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Welcome Warhawks to PE!   The school year has started out fast for the Physical Education Department.  We hope that all students who received bikes are using them to enhance their aerobic capacity.  Fitness Gram testing takes place in the Fall (October)  and in the Spring (March)  The test is based on cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility,and taking a measurement of the students height and weight.  The test is new for 2nd graders, and is continued for 3rd, 4th, 5th grades through their high school years.  Pedometers are issued to 4th graders, 4 times during the year.  The student is responsible for recording their steps on a daily basis, and to continue for a week.  The dates are in October, December, January, and March. (Subject to change).  To meet the challenges, teachers implement activities to supplant cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility on a daily basis.  Remember, try to have kids have at least 60 minutes of daily activity.  C-O-L-D-W-E-L-L, what does that spell?  Success!