Mendoza, Osvaldo


Osvaldo Mendoza

Osvaldo Mendoza holds a M.M. from the Peabody Conservatory in Theory and Composition. He has been the director of many ensembles in the Juarez, El Paso and the Baltimore area. From composition to conductor and performer Mendoza has been active in music for more than 18 years. Born and raised in Juarez, Mexico, Osvaldo Mendoza started at a local academy in Juarez city where he learnt the basics of composition, conducting and performance. While he was at UTEP he was very active creating and promoting benefit concerts for a variety of institutions in the Juarez/ El Paso area. He has been awarded as a composer in the state of Chihuahua and has participated in many workshops around the globe. As a conductor Mendoza had worked closely with El Paso Symphony Orchestra. Also he has the privilege of working with worldwide conductors such as Gurer Aykal, Fernando Lozano, Sarah Ioannides, Gunther Schuller, Otto-Werner Muller and Gustav Meier.  He studied Composition with 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner Kevin Puts and Chris Theofanidis. He has founded and directed many music projects in Juarez-Mexico, Baltimore,-Maryland and Forth Worth-Texas. An advocate of music education Osvaldo Mendoza promotes El Sistema Program in the USA as a way to make a change in our society.  He is currently a theory and composition instructor at El Paso Conservatory of Music as well as conductor for El Paso Youth Symphony Orchestras