De Guia-brewster, Ophelia

LighthouseHi! I am Ophelia de Guia-Brewster, an ESL teacher at Jefferson High School. I graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines with a degree in Bachelors of Arts in English and a degree in Masters of Education in Language Teaching.

I have taught high school students for 5 years back in the Philippines and I moved here to the US in 2002 to continue my teaching profession. Moving from one country to another has offered a variety of experiences and great opportunities that helped me in the area of professional growth and a whole lot more! It's always been a great teaching and learning experience for me.

As a teacher, I set goals and also expect my students to set goals for themselves and help them achieve their objectives. I don't only teach, but I also learn from each of my students; guiding them, positively influencing them and believing in them and making them realize their strengths, potentials and capabilities. I believe that the ultimate goal of education is to prepare our students to be responsible citizens of our nation, thus in my classroom, it's holistic teaching and learning as they pursue language development/language acquisition and continue to discover the power of knowledge that definitely opens doors.

Please feel free to contact me on the Contact Me link to the left, or call the school office at 915-236-7400 to schedule an appointment. I am available from 8:15 AM to 10:10 AM and 3:45 PM to 4:15 PM.