Montes, Arturo

Welcome to an Introduction to Chemistry


Some might think that a reward should be deserved upon reading a book or acquiring a socially acceptable grade.  But knowledge itself should be the reward.  The clarity of the obscure.  We should not be contempt nor arrogant with the knowledge already attained, but embrace chance.  The only constant is change.  It shouldn't be the amount of knowledge downloaded that we seek, but how to apply such acquisition.  We cannot only be obsessed over what is known, but indulge in the realm of the unknown.  

As a teacher, it is this that brings a sense of zen.  We will always be students in this longevity of learning.  With this in mind we must not limit ourselves but set forth towards a state of enlightenment.  Choose that state, don't let someone or something dictate the levels of mediocrity.  Sky's the limit.